Past projects

Following is a list of the City of Tea Tree Gully's past community engagement projects and surveys for the last three years. Click on the links to read more.

If you have any questions about these engagements or other older engagement projects, please contact us on 8397 7444 or send us a message


River Torrens Linear Park - two new proposed public toilets

1335A North East Road, Tea Tree Gully - proposed upgrades and naming

Harpers Field Community Building & Sporting Club Redevelopment

Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2022-2023

Community Wellbeing Survey

Proposed sale of land on Valiant Road, Holden Hill for a car park


Waterworld Satisfaction Survey

Tea Tree Gully Gymsports proposed 10 year lease

Community Survey

Balmoral Reserve additional playground equipment

Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget 2021-2022

Hargrave Reserve - proposed cricket pitch removal

Compassionate Communities Survey

By-laws Review

Mowbray Reserve - proposed sale of portion of reserve and potential upgrade

Dernancourt Memorial Proposal

Golden Fields Adventure Playspace

Tea Tree Gully Township Precinct Plan Review

Tilley Recreation Park - proposed permanent shipping container

Kaplan Reserve, St Agnes - new playground proposal

Telstra 10 year lease proposal for mobile phone tower, Hope Valley Sports Area

Tarni Reserve - proposed new playground swing

Dry Creek Corridor Upgrade - Stage 2

2021-2022 Playground Renewals


Waterworld Satisfaction Survey

Wynn Vale Oval - proposed installation of a permanent public toilet with storage room

Golden Grove Hockey Pitch - proposal to grant licence/lease and Joint Use Agreement

Proposed changes to dogs on leash requirements along Linear Park

Community Survey

Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2020-2021

Draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-2024

Supporting our community during COVID-19

Genetically Modified (GM) crops moratorium

Tilley Recreation Park proposals - sports field floodlighting and clubroom lease

Palomino Reserve - future development and upgrade

Maxlay Reserve - future development and upgrade (Stage 1)

Recreational Vehicle Services at Modbury Bowling Club, Ridgehaven

Vodafone 20 year lease proposal for equipment shed at Pertaringa Oval

Solandra Reserve - proposed upgrades

Ridgehaven Reserve Playground Renewal

Draft Asset Management Plans


Waterworld Satisfaction Survey

Proposed Playground for Coolabah Reserve, Modbury North

Proposal to upgrade Marsha Reserve or Oleander Reserve, Banksia Park

Additional tennis/netball courts at Banksia Park Sports Area

Future development of the Skate Bowl section of Bentley Reserve

Neighbour Day

Proposed Lease at Modbury Skate Plaza

Community Survey

Lot 1004 The Grove Way & The Golden Way

Draft Annual Business Plan 2019-2020 & Draft Information Technology Asset Management Plan

Proposed co-location of a coffee shop at Gallery 1855

Draft Strategic Plan 2025

2019-2020 Playground Upgrades

Ladywood Reserve - permanent sports field lighting and back netting

Future development and upgrade of Australia Reserve (Stages 1 and 2)

John Eichner Memorial Reserve Nature Play

Baymor Reserve - Proposed installation of cricket training net

St Agnes BMX track - Proposed installation of floodlighting

Dry Creek Corridor Upgrades (Modbury)

Recreation Centres Survey


Community Wellbeing and Inclusion for All Action Plan

Draft Annual Business Plan 2018-2019 and Draft Asset Management Plans (Open Space & CWMS)

Proposed sale of a large portion of Richardson Reserve

Commercial, Light Industry and Residential (Sites) Development Plan Amendment

Proposed sale of a portion of Sir Frank Berryman Reserve

Modbury Precinct Transport and Parking Plan

Proposed Lease at Modbury Skate Plaza

Contact the Community Engagement team if you have any questions regarding the below 2018 projects on 8397 7444 or send us a message

  • Proposed sale of a small parcel of council land in Valley View 
  • Proposal for 10 year lease for phone tower on Lyons Road, Holden Hill
  • Golden Grove Tennis Club 10 year lease
  • Proposed Joint Use Agreement for Greenwith Community Centre and Oval
  • Proposed upgrades to Illyarrie Reserve, Surrey Downs
  • Proposed upgrades to Jubilee Reserve, Wynn Vale
  • Proposed car park and access road (Wynn Vale Drive & Endeavour Drive)
  • Proposed trial opening of gates on Mary Avenue, Gilles Plains
  • Proposed upgrades to Tilley Recreation Park, Surrey Downs
  • Proposal to grant 10 year lease extension to U3A